100 Team Search Party finds no clues of missing Chicago Sports Reporter

Keith Reinhard

Keith Reinhard

State: CO
Location: Arapaho & Roosevelt National FOREST
Date Missing: 08-07-1988
DOB: 09-10-1938
Age: 50
Current Status: Unsolved


Keith Reinhard was working as a sports reporter at the Daily Herald in Chicago in 1988 when he announced he’d be taking a 90-day sabbatical.

“I love these mountains and want to live in them before I die in them,” Reinhard wrote in a letter to a friend, according to an article published in the Daily Herald in August 2008.

Reinhard took off for Silver Plume, Colorado, a small mining town of 200 that sits inside the Arapahoe National Forest, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

In addition to fulfilling his lifelong dream of living in the Rocky Mountains, Reinhard wanted to write a novel about Tom Young — a man who had vanished from the same town in September 1987. When he arrived, Reinhard opened an antique store in what had formerly been Young’s bookstore.

One late afternoon, while nursing a hangover, Reinhard went to hike Pendleton Mountain, and never returned. More than 100 people logged over 10,000 hours searching and never found a clue to what happened.

“Sometimes the answer is there is no answer,” Reinhard’s widow, Carolyn O’Donnell, told the Daily Herald in 2008. 

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