About Locations Unknown

Thousands of people have gone missing in America’s National Parks & Forests in unusual circumstances. Many of theses disappearances are unexplained and have never been resolved. Law enforcement officials from the local level to the Federal level have failed, or sometimes refused to offer any plausible reasons for the disappearances. The disappearances span almost 100 years and are widespread across the United States and Canada. Upon further investigation, the disappearances also appear to share similar circumstances that are not easily explained.  Some of the strange circumstances include groupings of disappearances in several prominent national parks, frequent storms hampering search and rescue, specially trained canine units refusing or unable to locate scents, missing individuals turning up miles from where they went missing in locations already searched, and missing individuals being found in a semi-unconscious state without any memory after their disappearance.

Confounding the problem, the National Parks Service has refused to create or produce a national registry of missing persons in National Parks.  This is an alarming revelation in that unresolved cases may never get solved if officials working on the case leave their role or retire. Without this registry the public may never truly understand the magnitude of this problem and could explain why the NPS has never addressed it. If the public were made aware of the alarming and unexplained disappearances it could negatively affect park attendance.

About the author

As an avid back country hiker I’ve traversed some of the most beautiful landscapes North America has to offer including the Canadian Rockies, Glacier National Park, Canyon Lands National Park, Mt Rainier, Zion National Park, Olympic National Park, and Volcano National Park, to name a few.  I don’t seek to discourage anyone from taking in the beauty of North America’s wilderness but seek to educate people on the true dangers they may face so they may be better equipped to handle anything that might come there way.

The unexplained disappearances map is an ever growing list missing persons in America’s wilderness.  If you have any information on the missing or wish to help the mission don’t hesitate to contact me.

Map Legend

Blue = Male
Pink = Female

Found Alive = (F)
Unresolved/Missing = (UR)
Declared Dead = (DD)
Found Dead = (FD)