Man DISAPPEARSĀ on his way to visit his daughters – car found abandoned in National forest.

David Michael Burney

David Michael Burney

State: AL
Location: Bankhead National Forest
Date Missing: 06-29-2007
Age: 46
Current Status: Unsolved

Burney purchased a red 1987 Toyota Tercel on June 29, 2007; he planned to drive to Georgia to meet his two daughters. He was last seen at the Jet-Pep gas station and convenience store on Highway 157 in Battleground, Alabama that day. He has never been heard from again.

In late August, the Toyota was found abandoned in Bankhead Forest off county road B15 in Winston County, Alabama. Locals reported having seen it there as early as July 7, a week after Burney’s disappearance. It was out of gas and with the battery missing, but there was no blood at the scene and no indications of a struggle.

Burney’s mother, sister and six children all stated he would not have left of his own accord, and they think he may have met with foul play; they stated he had enemies who could have harmed him. His case remains unsolved.

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