Foul Play Suspected in Woman’s DISAPPEARANCE 

Cynthia Atterbury

Cynthia Atterbury

State: CO
Location: Pike National Forest
Date Missing: 06-27-1981
DOB: 06-05-1956
Age: 25
Current Status: Unsolved

Atterbury was last seen near Pike National Forest in Castle Rock, Colorado on June 27, 1981. She disappeared with her boyfriend, Oscar Joseph McNear Jr. Photographs of McNear are unavailable. His date of birth is April 5, 1951; he was 30 years old at the time of his disappearance. He’s 6’0 tall and 160 pounds.

Atterbury and McNear were originally from Springfield, Illinois, and moved to Colorado in May 1981. Neither of them contacted their families in Illinois after the move; they were never heard from again.

Investigators believe they were shot to death in an argument with two men from Springfield. Police got tips that their bodies were placed in 55-gallon drums and buried on property owned by one of the suspects in the Rocky Mountain foothills, half a mile south of South Platte, Colorado. A search of the area in 1985 turned up nothing, however.

No one has ever been charged in McNear and Atterbury’s cases; their disappearances remain unsolved.

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